Important Covid-19 Information:

Due to Covid-19 concerns and for the sake of our employees, all warranty packages received may be quarantined for at least one week before being un-packaged by our receiving staff. Customers registering and submitting warranty claims should expect longer than average turnaround times due to the aforementioned reason as well as current limitations on human resources. TCS is committed to the safety of our employees and customers and are working hard to ensure orders and warranties are handled in a safe but timely manner. We appreciate your patience during these trying times.


Any and all warranty returns submitted to TCS for repair or replacement or upgrade MUST be registered using the processes described below. Products returned to TCS which do not have a current, valid RMA (returning materials authorization) WILL NOT be serviced in any way and will be thrown into the closest available black hole after a period of no more than 6 months after receival. Without a proper RMA, we have no way to track, log, or process your return. Please do not register your product immediately after purchasing! TCS warranty registrations are only to be submitted IF your TCS product is defective or fails in some way. Similarly, please submit a new RMA for any product you are returning, even if it has been serviced in the past by TCS. Just like a canceled check, closed RMA's are not valid for use.

Decoders and other sensitive electronics must not be shipped in mailing envelopes! For the safety of the product and to ensure delivery, always return a product to TCS in the original mailing box, or another box of comparable size to the product(s) you are returning. TCS is not liable for lost or damaged products as a result of improper packaging. We also recommend applying tracking to your package to ensure proper delivery and accountability of your chosen mailing service.

"Goof-Proof" warranty service - Decoders, Motherboards, Keep Alive® and all other products directly manufactured by TCS are covered under a ONE YEAR warranty which covers manufacturer defects, burns, shorts, physical damage, and operator error. The decoder will be repaired or replaced within one year of the manufactured date even if the operator accidentally damages it. For decoders, you can read out the manufactured date from CV 250, 251, and 252 as M/D/Y

Buyer Beware! If you are looking for "a quick score" on Ebay, you may find yourself getting bitten by a pre-owned, damaged decoder someone had in a drawer for the last 10 years. TCS only guarantees the latest and greatest products when purchasing direct.

All of the items discussed above are in your best interest as the consumer, and help TCS fulfill your warranty return in a quick, painless way. We appreciate you taking the time to read this disclaimer, and look forward to serving you! Please continue reading below for additional details on the warranty process.

Watch the video below as Dan walks you through submitting a warranty.


Warranty Submission Rules

  • All Warranties must be registered prior to mailing – this includes dealer/distributor submissions. If you do not register your warranty, it will not be processed.
  • Multiple products may be registered under the same RMA number, up to a maximum of 10. For convenience and efficiency, please submit all of your returns (if applicable) under the same RMA. This includes submissions that include motherboards, Keep Alive®, etc.
  • Decoders, Motherboards, and Keep Alive® are covered under a ONE YEAR “goof-proof” warranty which covers manufacturer defects, burns, shorts, physical damage, and operator error. The decoder will be repaired or replaced within one year of the manufactured date even if the operator accidentally damages it.
  • Decoders determined to be out of warranty (CVs 250, 251, and 252 read to be more than 1 year from date of submission) will be charged an upgrade fee. Details on the upgrade rules and process can be found below.
  • Non-sound decoders determined to be outside of the warranty period may be replaced for $16 USD.
  • TCS will honor the warranty on decoders determined to be out-of-warranty IF a valid receipt of purchase within the last 60 days can be provided. The replacement fee will be waived in the event a valid receipt can be provided.
  • Do not include harnesses or Keep Alive® units with your decoder unless you are submitting a warranty on a Keep Alive® product. Harnesses are not covered under warranty by TCS unless there is an obvious manufacturing defect.
  • Products submitted as warranties WILL NOT be exchanged for different types of products unless the product submitted has been discontinued or has been made obsolete by a newer product.
  • Note: Do not register your product immediately after purchasing! TCS warranty registrations are only to be submitted IF your TCS product is defective or fails in some way.

Warranty Submission Process

  • If you are unsure if your decoder is damaged, or have any questions regarding its performance, visit our Technical Support section, follow our Troubleshooting Guide, or contact technical support. Before returning any product(s) to TCS it is highly recommended that you contact our Technical Support Staff, who can confirm if you are experiencing a genuine issue which requires TCS warranty repair services.
  • If you are NOT a registered customer who has purchased directly from TCS or submitted a warranty in the past, you will need to Create an Account and enter your contact and shipping information before proceeding with the registration process.
  • After you have created an account, or if you have one already, enter your e-mail address on the registration page and the system will pull up your information automatically. If you have recently moved, changed your name, or use a different email address then when you originally created your account, you must update your information prior to registering your return. TCS is not liable for returns mailed to outdated addresses. You can update your account information by logging in to your account and clicking your name. Then chose the options to Edit Your Personal Info or Change Your Address.
  • Select the number of products being submitted (10 products maximum per RMA).
  • Use the drop-downs to select the and Product Type (such as a Motherboard or Keep Alive) or Scale, then select the specific product. Repeat this process for as many items you are submitting.
  • If you are including a motherboard in your return please submit it as a separate product within the RMA for accuracy in warranty tracking. Watch the video above if you are unsure how to do this.
  • Use the drop-downs to indicate if burn damage occurred and which functionality failed. Repeat this process for as many items you are submitting.
  • Enter a short description of the conditions surrounding the failure in the comments section.
  • If you are submitting an entire locomotive for service, please note all relevant information such as model manufacturer, loco type, and road number for proper tracking. NOTE: You MUST have authorization from TCS support staff before submitting a locomotive for service. There is a service charge of $45 for locomotive service, plus any additional cost(s) for replacement parts or additional labor as necessary.
  • After filling out the RMA form, verify all the information you have entered, including your email address. Once all of the required fields on the form have been completed, the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page will become clickable.
  • After pressing “Submit” you will be re-directed to a print-able page with your Returning Materials Authorization (RMA) number. This page must be printed and included in its entirety with the items for return. We recommend keeping an additional copy for your records. If you submit a RMA, but do not include the RMA number with your return, it may not be processed.
  • You will receive automatic updates from our system via email throughout the process. Examples include date of receiving, repairs/replacement processed, and return shipping confirmation with tracking. TCS support staff will not have more information available regarding your warranty status than what is available to you via your order status updates. This information can be accessed by  logging in to your account and clicking on "My Account" and then clicking "View" on the order number which matches your warranty RMA.


  • When submitting a warranty for sound decoders, you will be automatically prompted about upgrading your decoder. A WOWSound decoder of the current production version would not be eligible for an upgrade. In order to proceed, you must select either YES or NO. If you click YES to the upgrade option, you will be redirected to the WOWSound Upgrade registration page. If you click NO to the upgrade option, you can proceed as a normal warranty.
  • The fee for a WOWSound decoder upgrade is $45 USD plus return shipping.
  • Version 3 and older WOWSound decoders are no longer covered under warranty by TCS and will be replaced for the $45 upgrade fee. In return, you will receive a new decoder of the current production version.
  • The Version identifier information can read on a DCC programming track in CV 7 (Base Version) and CV 248 (Sound Set Version). In the event that you cannot read this information from the decoder yourself before submitting your return, TCS will do this analysis and determine the version and contact you if any fees apply.
  • The fee to replace any non-sound decoder not covered under its 1-year warranty is $20 USD.
  • If you submit and pre-pay for an upgrade, your order confirmation will be emailed to you, and will contain your RMA ("Order Number #####"). This page is to be submitted instead of the typical RMA form. You do not need to return to the warranty form or complete a duplicate registration.
  • It is not necessary to fill out an additional warranty or second RMA on upgrades or warranty upgrades. Use only the RMA and form emailed to you for upgrades.
  • All decoders received by TCS for warranty or upgrade service will be factory reset as part of the service process. All pre-configured settings will be lost.
  • If you register for an upgrade, you must mail your product(s) to TCS as described below in "Proper Packaging Techniques."
  • If you submit ANY decoder for warranty service, it will be analyzed for its age. You will be billed for the fee(s) for an upgrade on any decoder(s) not covered under warranty. Any ineligible upgrades will be refunded.

Universal WiFi Throttle Warranties and Repair Services

TCS UWT's are covered for one year against only manufacturing defects. Any and all damage as a result of operation or neglect is not covered under TCS' warranty, and is subject to fees based on the service(s) required. All product returns to TCS MUST be registered prior to mailing. TCS is not responsible for lost mail, unregistered returns, and is not liable in any way for products not registered via the appropriate means.

Information regarding the functionality of TCS Universal WiFi Throttles can be found on the respective product page, or on our Documentation Wiki. Before returning a product to TCS it is highly recommended that you contact our Technical Support Staff, who can confirm if you are experiencing a genuine issue.

Replacement Parts

LCD and Encoder Replacement Services

Proper Packaging Techniques

  • Decoders MUST be shipped in a small box – no envelopes. TCS is not liable for decoders lost or destroyed in the mail.
  • TCS WiFi products, such as the UWT-100, are recommended to be shipped back to TCS in the original packaging. TCS is not liable for damages to products shipped in an unsafe manner. You may be billed the full cost of a product if it is irreparably damaged during shipment to TCS.
  • It is highly recommended, but not required, that you add tracking to your package. In the event your package is lost in the mail, it can be located if needed. TCS is not liable for lost mail, and will not honor warranties lost before being received by TCS staff. With a valid RMA number, you may be offered a discount on a new replacement for "lost warranty" item(s).
  • Warranties are to be shipped to the P.O. Box listed on the RMA form. Shipping info is also listed on the Contact page of our website.
  • The entire RMA form or RMA number must be included on or inside the package with the returning product(s).


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