Installation Pictures

We maintain the largest library of sound and non-sound installation guides for hundreds of popular locomotive models in many scales. It's a great resource for looking up what decoder would work in a given situation. Feel free to use and share this database as you install TCS decoders into your fleet of engines.

The installation pages for HO scale locomotives are divided into WOWSound (sound) and HO Scale (non-sound). Depending on the installation, your locomotive may be in one category, but not the other. All other scale installations can be found under their appropriate name. Installations are organized by manufacturer first, followed by the locomotive type. 

Though we do our best to maintain a comprehensive database of installation guides, we do not have one for every locomotive in existence. If your locomotive is not listed and you'd like to know the TCS-recommended decoder, feel free to email some information about your loco and photos of it with the shell off to Our technical support team will analyze the model and provide a solution for you.

Follow the links below to navigate to your desired guide, starting by scale.