Firmware Version 2.4 is Now Available!

Release 2.4 is a scheduled software release for the UWT-100 that adds additional features, brings improvements to existing features based on the feedback of our users, and fixes some minor bugs.
Release 2.4 is the first production release for the UWT-50. If you are receiving a brand new UWT-50, the throttle is already programmed with this software. An update is not necessary, as there is nothing to update.




Fast Clock

  • Under the WiThrottle Protocol mode, the throttle will display the Fast Clock if the WiThrottle Server supports it. The Fast Clock display works with all known fast clocks, but support will depend on the connection to your layout and supporting infrastructure.
  • 12 hour and 24 hour clock formats are select-able in the settings.
  • The Fast Clock displays on the right-hand-side. If the layout is in E-STOP, or Dual Throttle Mode (UWT-100 only) is enabled, that covers up the fast clock display.
  • If the Fast Clock is not in use at the layout you are operating at, but the display is still turned on in the throttle settings, there is a possibility that a clock will display. By default, JMRI will create a “fast” clock which matches the current time of day and has a rate of 1:1. These clocks can be disabled in the JMRI WiThrottle Server settings (applies to all throttles), or individually on a per-throttle basis as stated above. 
  • To enable the Fast Clock automatic display, go to: Throttle Settings > Fast Clock > Show Fast Clock. (Default = OFF)

Remappable Button (Softkey) Changes

  • To select F0 to F28 as fixed locomotive function number for a remappable button, enter the chosen number in the new “F0 - F28” menu. Found at: Menu > Settings > Throttle Settings > Change Buttons > [Button]
  • Further to the above, The long list of entries F0, F1, … F28 is now removed from the "Common Functions" list in order to improve performance and give a better user experience. Common Functions list still exists, and consists of only named functions now.
  • After selecting a remappable button in the Change Buttons menu, the current setting is now printed in the title.
  • “Stop” is a new selectable function that can be assigned to any remappable button. The behavior is that it sets the locomotive speed to zero (with normal deceleration).
  • The operations on the 1-dot, 2-dot, 3-dot and 4-dot keys are slightly rearranged on the UWT-100 in certain auxiliary screens to be aligned with the UWT-50 and be more intuitive to use. For example a confirmation dialog is now presented as “Yes | No” instead of “No | Yes”.

Accessory Mode Control Improvements

  • Added new "toggle-and-exit" feature to the Accessory Window. This feature was recommended through user feedback.

To use the toggle-and-exit feature, first select an accessory (e.g. typing in a number), then press the Enter button to toggle the accessory and immediately exit the Accessory Window. If you want to toggle and remain in the Accessory Window (for example to change multiple accessories), select the accessory, and then press the Accessory (turnout icon) button to toggle, OR use the "Normal" and "Reverse" (N/On / R/Off) buttons on the 2-dot and 3-dot keys.

  • The Accessory button no longer exits to the drive window if an accessory number is selected. Use the "Esc" key to exit back to the drive window.

Image removed.

LCC-related Changes (Do not affect connections over WiThrottle protocol)

  • Added an assisted/automatic DCC Address Programming process. This can be found when connected through LCC under: Menu > CV Programming > DCC Address.
  • This menu allows one to view the current address(es) of a locomotive on the Programming Track, set a short or long DCC Address, as well as view, set and clear CV19 Consist Address in an automatic and easy-to-use manner.
  • Removed an unneeded step after accessing Menu > Settings > Roster Settings.
  • Updated Consist Function Routing menus to support the advanced capabilities of LCC consisting in the CS-105.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where trying to add a new WiFi profile beyond the supported maximum (seven) did not prompt the user that their profiles were full. The throttle appeared to take the 8th WiFi but it would not take/would not work correctly; instead, the throttle now prompts the user before adding a new WiFi, when their profiles are full, to delete a profile before proceeding.
  • After locking in (latching) a speed in yard mode on the UWT-100 and UWT-50E, entering and exiting the menu incorrectly changed the display.
  • Removed an incorrect and out-of-context message from the built-in website from the Add WiFi box. 

Misc Changes

  • In the text entry window, added visual clarification between the space and underscore characters. This avoids confusion where entering a WiFi name or password with underscores appearing to be not accepted by the throttle.
  • In the text entry window, the most common punctuation characters (dot, minus, underscore and space) now appear on almost all pages when entering text.
  • Accelerated (“ballistic”) behavior of the encoder-based thumb wheel is now disabled in menus. This change was made in response to user feedback.
  • Removed scanning on WiFi channel 13. This channel is not universally accessible due to regulatory constraints. Use channels 1 to 11 for maximum compatibility.
  • Added a "refresh" button to the "About This Throttle" menu. This allows you to periodically refresh the window to update info displayed there. This can help users troubleshoot connectivity issues by having a "live update" on signal strength, SSID, IP, etc.
  • Added some new icons to the user interface


Firmware Synchronicity With UWT-50

Going forward, the firmware release numbers between the UWT-50 and UWT-100 throttles are always going to be the same. This means that the same release numbers will have the same features, performance and bug fixes. Most changes made can affect both devices, but there is also the possibility of having new updates which primarily address features or bugs on one device only. TCS' release schedule for firmware updates on the UWT-100 and UWT-50 is scheduled to include updates for both devices in synchronicity. The next firmware version release is scheduled for Q4 2022, but is subject to change based on circumstances such as user feedback, critical bug discovery, etc.


CLICK HERE for instructions on how to install the update